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What Grace is For

This is for my brother Joey who played amazing grace on a plastic recorder so long one day I told him enough! enough with the amazing goddamn grace! He was practicing fingerings to play it on the bagpipes at our … Continue reading

First date

after Andrea Gibson’s “Too Much” I want to know if you peeked when you played hide and seek. I want to know what you see when you look within. I want to unbutton your house and reach in. I want … Continue reading

Children’s Stories

The Hesitating Penguin. “Inside an egg, tucked under thebelly-pouch of her father, Zlee the Emperor penguin heard two things: thewind, and a song.” The Girl Who Wanted to go to the Moon. “There once was a girl who wanted to … Continue reading

The Day and the Hour of his Death

On the day and in the hour when John F. Kennedy was shot I was sitting in the fourth row of Sister Anthony’s first grade class looking through the tall, many-paned windows at the convent across the street. I believed … Continue reading


A very personal response to 9/11, at Salon “A Mystical Weekend,” at Quaker Arts Online

A Carcass Home

At Viral Cat (Thanks to them for keeping the form as is.)