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What Grace is For

This is for my brother Joey who played amazing grace on a plastic recorder so long one day I told him enough! enough with the amazing goddamn grace! He was practicing fingerings to play it on the bagpipes at our … Continue reading

First date

after Andrea Gibson’s “Too Much” I want to know if you peeked when you played hide and seek. I want to know what you see when you look within. I want to unbutton your house and reach in. I want … Continue reading


“Sting of the Seer,” excerpts from a not yet published novel that riffs on the sting operation that arrested the youthful Edgar Cayce. Excerpt from Walk with Us (full book available at Amazon)        

Children’s Stories

The Hesitating Penguin. “Inside an egg, tucked under thebelly-pouch of her father, Zlee the Emperor penguin heard two things: thewind, and a song.” The Girl Who Wanted to go to the Moon. “There once was a girl who wanted to … Continue reading

The Day and the Hour of his Death

On the day and in the hour when John F. Kennedy was shot I was sitting in the fourth row of Sister Anthony’s first grade class looking through the tall, many-paned windows at the convent across the street. I believed … Continue reading


A very personal response to 9/11, at Salon “A Mystical Weekend,” at Quaker Arts Online

A Carcass Home

At Viral Cat (Thanks to them for keeping the form as is.)