First date

after Andrea Gibson’s “Too Much”

I want to know if you peeked when you played hide and seek.
I want to know what you see when you look within.
I want to unbutton your house and reach in.
I want to know how many inches your laugh is
and how fast you can change a life.
Or do you hate corny questions like that like
What is your biggest accomplishment?
I want to know your biggest color
your favorite fear
your happiest donut
and if you every drank too much
perfume. I’ll be needing to know how many cousins
you got in that phone there
and how many sleepovers you phoned home from crying to come home
and if you ever saw a ghost

I’m curious what you’d say if I told you that as I write this
I spy a squirrel sitting atop a telephone pole
eating it, I mean going ham on that treated lumber
Would you a) doubt it, b) wonder if I have ADD
c) make a joke, like ‘how many squirrels does it take to eat a tlpn pole?’
or d) ask if I got off my lazy poet-tass and gave that poor animal something to eat?
or e) c and d above (ooh, kind and funny…maybe it is love)

If it is love love I’m gonna need to know
If you ever tired to fly
If you ever launched your body
From a bunkbed a gargoyle a Wednesday
did u ever play spin the bottle
with the full moon and a steel drum spitting fire.
And who broke your start?
Or do you hate personal questions like that
like how old were u when u first had sex?
I want to know how bold you were
when you first met death
Did you kiss it did u floor ir did you linger in the hallway.

Too intense?
Just tell me then
what do you sing on roadtrips
what’s the longest hope you ever took
and how far are you’re willing to go for a hat.
Or do you hate hypothetical questions like that,
like “where will you be in ten years?”
I want to know where you’ll be in ten miracles
I want to know if you ever carved your name in bubbles
I want to meet your toes some time in a bright alley
I want to know the distance
between the tip of your middle finger
and the tip of my iceberg
I want to know the first question you last lover asked you
and the last words you said to the first pet who died on you

Or do you hate sad questions like that
I like it that you hate sad questions like that.
I think I wanna swallow your sun
I wanna have your daisy
I wanna sizzle your bacon (maybe)
I wanna to hang pictures on your tomorrow
I wanna unclench your
past tense real slow
down now it’s only
a first date



After Andrea Gibson’s wonderful poem “Too Much.