Children’s Stories

The Hesitating Penguin. “Inside an egg, tucked under thebelly-pouch of her father, Zlee the Emperor penguin heard two things: thewind, and a song.” The Girl Who Wanted to go to the Moon. “There once was a girl who wanted to goto the moon. So said to her mother,”Mommy, can I go to the moon?” Hermother said no, you’re just a little girl…” The Millenium’s Longest Minute. For centuries a gargoyle who once was a girl waits for the last minute of the last hour of the last year of the last century of the millennium. For in that minute, all curses are temporarily removed. Download or read for $3 at ScribD. (This is an experiment to see if I can sell work at ScribD, and if people are willing to support me in this way. It’s a great story. When I have time I’ll shop it around with publishers. Meanwhile…) There once was a crow, Lee-lou Halleyben who was born with blue feathers, one per wing. Her parents, good crows, were quite taken aback; they knew well enough that all crows are all black. –from Two Blue Wing Feathers, a story in verse about prejudice, community and redemption. $3 at ScribD. The Turtle and the Butterfly, A children’s story inspired by a hike I took with my niece Allison near her house in Lake Forest California. We got lost, very lost.